The Little Baking Contest That Got Carried Away


Todd’s Banana Nut Bread that started it all!

It all started one morning when Todd decided to use up some over ripe bananas by making banana nut bread. It was a tried and true recipe that was quite ordinary, but when he used one of our Park Hill Bundt pans it took this utilitarian basic bread to a whole new level. Not only did it demonstrate how well the ceramic baking dish performed, it was a thing of beauty that I quickly photo styled and snapped.

I showed our creative group the photo and wished I had shot all four of the baking dishes from the set. That is when I decided to give Ellen, Liz and Nancy a little baking homework for the weekend. The assignment was to bake something, and we would have a little taste test contest on Monday.  Ellen was the first to text everyone a lovely photo of the oblong, fruit embossed baking dish with her orange cranberry bread announcing it was on! A few moments later Liz chimed in with a back at ya sister comment with an accompanying photo of her spiraled Pumpkin bread with a bourbon glaze. The baking trash talk continued for twenty more minutes when everyone questioned if Nancy was in or out. I sassed her with a comment about flakey is only a compliment about pies.  Nancy is a master photographer who has captured every Park Hill Collection image since our beginning, but in the kitchen, she tends to freak out. Her first photo was a beautifully composed photo of her ingredients. “just bake the damn cake already!” was quickly texted back. She continued to over process, over think and over underestimate her baking talents. All we knew for sure was that it would be gluten free. Or as Todd stated, cardboard. With all this text activity, Todd decides to jump in the contest with a spiced tomato bread. With his entry the contest was now a bigger deal with several protesting if this was fair or not along with suggestions of a rolling pin to the knee cap ala Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan.  I then decided to join in with a blueberry Bundt with a Meyer lemon glaze.


Monday morning all the cake were secretly delivered to our creative team office and around lunch Mario was asked to do a blind tasting. We wrangled up a random dish towel and covered his eyes. After everything was tasted he picked the Gluten free Chocolate Bundt cake with Cream cheese icing as the winner. Nancy was so excited and so were we.


Four out of the five cakes were mixes or modified mixes with one from scratch. It just goes to show that everyone needs a good-looking pan to bake in! We highly suggest you do this challenge with your friends!


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