Mr. Smith’s Floral Mastery

Mr. Smith's Floral Tapestry 1

Todd shows the final re-work of the flowers!

After a recent family wedding we found ourselves with some still very fresh flowers from Southern Wholesale in Little Rock and wanted to find a good re-use for them. The man who showed up to clean our fireplace chimney took some to make points with his wife.  Beautiful flowers always work!  The offices of Park Hill Collection received flowers for their desks and our business partner and dear friend Herren was conveniently having a party. He needed long centerpieces. I suggested to Todd and Mario to use our LL9292 chicken feeder centerpiece and recommended lining it for use with wet floral foam. Just in case you were not aware of Mr. Smith’s floral mastery and Mario’s for that matter too, I have included of few photographs. What were once gorgeous tapestry-like, low floral mounds for the wedding were converted to long, low and lovely centerpieces for long tables. We picked and cut a lot from our garden as well. Here we added Little Gem Magnolia and Sedum, fresh cut from the landscape. Todd also added some citrus and artichokes from the grocery store for botanical impact. Make sure to look around your own landscape or surrounding fields for botanicals to add to flowers from your florist and don’t forget to look at the produce section for fruit or vegetables to add as well. You will be amazed with what you can come up with.

Mr. Smith's Floral Tapestry 3

Our LL9292 chicken feeder centerpiece

Mr. Smith's Floral Tapestry 2

Close up of the beautiful finished centerpiece