Onion Creek Home


On our way home from the recent chicken auction, we passed a store that was so temptingly beautiful, we had to make a very quick and awkward U-turn. For us a U-turn means, this looks good and we need to check it out. We fell instantly in love with Onion Creek Home, and we ain’t easy!

Onion Creek 9

We browsed the outdoor flea market offerings in the afternoon sun that were roadside eye candy, vintage and antique gatherings that first caught our eye. For a moment we stood in front of the crystal-clear window of the painted, vintage front door, caught our breath while thinking to ourselves, please let this be a Park Hill Collection vendor.  As soon as we entered, we could tell that someone here has a lot of talent.  The displays were so well done and appealing in vintage style with a soft pallet of whites and wood tones. This store was busy too.


When we visit a store, sometimes we do it anonymously. Honestly sometimes we are afraid of getting yelled at for a backorder or a shipping issue. Russian roulette of sorts. However, Todd could not resist and asked for the owner. To our delight we met the very talented, Leah Williamson along with her team. Leah owns the store with her husband Nolan who we found out picks up their orders at our warehouse.

We circled the interior of the store multiple times, with each review revealing something new to discover in this thoughtfully layered interior. We did find some Park Hill items, so we were very proud to be present in such a lovely mercantile.

As a blackboard sign says out front, “friends don’t let friends shop at chain stores” we recommend a visit to Onion Creek Home as soon as possible. 138 W. Main Street, Farmington, Arkansas 72730.