Shop Local

Main Street USAEvery passing holiday season seems to amplify the need to shop local and visit all those brick and mortar stores that invest so much time, talent and money to help make our season bright. The convenience and broad array of what is available on line is so very tempting and so easy to do late at night when children are in bed and not a creature is stirring. Somehow, we all need to find a balance between the best of these two worlds. I bring this up because just this morning I had a thought all my favorite memories of shopping for gifts are in actual stores.  I can remember buying my mother a china sugar and creamer set with flower blossom decals from Marie Anderson at the Rusconi Hardware on main street, San Joaquin, California. I can remember all my little purchases I have made through the years as well.  Every detail remains very dear to me. It makes me wonder if we are failing to give our children that same experience and fond memories? Do you remember the joy of a bag of penny candy in a brown paper bag and the wonderful feeling of getting to pick it out by yourself?  Do we find ourselves buying online more often, because we are still trying to find that same sense of satisfaction as buying from a store on our main street? I do like the convenience of a click and buy, but nothing feels as good as that first burst of warm interior air welcoming you as you open the door, hearing that little bell jingle of a shop that captured your imagination as you walked down the sidewalk, bundled up in warm clothes with the crisp air surrounding you. We must remember to leave time to do this in our busy holiday schedules. We must keep our main streets thriving, so they can keep making our towns unique and special.  There will always be challenges to this. In the past it was Sears and the Sears catalog that competed with local shops, now it is Amazon. Main street is still standing and with our help it always will.  I have enclosed a photo of our upcoming tribute to main street U.S.A. and our new store facades that will be available in our 2019 Park Hill Collection.