Farmer’s Market

IMG_6187A few weeks ago, Todd and I took a little get-away trip to New York City. It is a great city to just walk in any direction. You will always discover something new and wonderful. We tend to usually start by heading in the direction of Rockefeller Center. The tall buildings of NBC are good visual guides. On this day when we rounded the corner near Radio City Music Hall we were greeted with a Farmer’s Market or as they call them, a Green Market.

IMG_6190We were immediately pulled in by the farm fresh flowers, fresh picked summer peaches and produce, small batch artisanal whiskey and fresh baked bread. We sampled cucumber salad and purchased a New Jersey peach cake and some Molasses cookies. We couldn’t pass up a bottle of Rye Whiskey either- not for us, but for a friend.  We laughed at ourselves coming all the way to the “top of the heap” to go to a farmer’s market! We love to visit the Big Apple every now and then, even to just eat a delicious peach! Many of the farmers were from the Hudson Valley area. As with all farmers it was very evident, they loved their jobs. Mostly I enjoyed seeing this busy, urban plaza with its blooming perennial landscape filled with farm products and the vast audience loving the experience.


You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a market like this. Search your local area for near-by farmer’s markets. They are in peak production now and as the summer day drift into fall the produce will change with the season.  You don’t want to miss this chance to get a true taste of the season.