The Great Pumpkin Roll

For the last seven years in October we have celebrated our son Leland’s Birthday with a variety of themed parties from trains, planes, construction sites and snakes. Last year we included a little pumpkin rolling activity that was so much fun we made it the theme for Leland’s 7th birthday. We have great visions this may some day become the pumpkin version of Woodstock or Nascar or both.

Conveniently located just across the road is a terrific hill for rolling on Todd’s mom and dad’s property. Atop the hill is a grand view of all the neighboring towns and woodland countryside. On the fourth of July you can even see the fireworks from here going off in Little Rock. Darlene and Papa Jon mowed and trimmed the site so it was perfectly groomed as a five-star golf club would be. We all prayed for good weather and we were blessed with a perfect Autumn day. That afternoon contestants arrived at the tail gating area and with tailgates up, revealed their decorated treasures and treats to share. This also allowed time to check out everyone pumpkins that would soon roll in different categories of competition. The categories were: mini stock pumpkin roll for distance, modified mini pumpkin roll for distance, large stock pumpkin roll for distance, modified large pumpkin roll for distance, Hit the Target roll for accuracy and the Pumpkin Derby Race where all roll at the same time to see who in the fastest! There was a lot of creativity expressed in the modified categories from rollers big and small. One of the highlights of the modified big pumpkin roll was a baby stroller with a chubby pumpkin baby placed inside complete with booties and a pacifier. The stroller sped down the slope, tilting and then tipping over about halfway down the hill. Everyone was moaning when this happened and the baby pumpkin fell out of the now tipped over trolley. Baby sat there for a few seconds and then suddenly decided to start rolling down the hill again. I am sure you could hear “go baby, go” all the way from Little Rock! It was a riot of laughter. Once all the points were tallied, awards were given out to all the individual winners and teams.

Competitors were asked to bring a bag of dog or cat food as an entry fee. We collected over 500 pounds of food for our local shelter! Several of us felt we had lost that much weight running up and down the mountain in our pumpkin rolling excitement, but unfortunately all the tailgating treats kept that for happening. I guess the real pumpkin roll is the one located where my flat stomach is supposed to be.

500 lbs of dog and cat food to donate to our shelter!