Planting Time

It is difficult to explain how excited I become over a packet of seeds. They may just look like an ordinary pack of flower or vegetable seeds to anyone else, but I can already imagine the beauty of their blossoms.  Even though I may now be dependent on reading glasses, I still have great vision! I think this comes from growing up in a farming community where you must have a picture of what your future harvest looks like – to get you through all the hard work.

With the shelter at home order I have really looked at our home and feel so blessed to live where I live as well as the opportunity to spend time there. For over 25 years we have travelled for work for other companies as well as our own and have missed out on the arrival of spring blossoms and the bountiful summer garden harvests. Oh, we have always had them, but not enough time to really enjoy the actual fruits of our labors. So many items from the Park Hill Collection have been inspired by our home and surroundings. I find a renewed vision of what home can and should be. Although there are financial concerns for everyone to worry about, I find comfort at home and thinking of family members that overcame similar hardships. I believe we have become less wasteful with food and supplies, more aware of what can be easily lost, how important and just how dependent we are on the kindness of friends and family.

Along with this design inspiring time I cannot help wondering why anyone would not like to stay at home and if so, what is missing? I also think about how this shelter in place order will affect the way we imagine and design our home environments in the future. I ponder what role The Park Hill Collection will play in defining this newly realized vision of home. If you drove by and saw a guy planting seeds in the soil you wouldn’t have any idea all this was going on in my head! I may be literally planting seeds, but simultaneously I am nurturing seeds of ideas. Perhaps I am going crazy!

Take a virtual tour of Park Hill Farm as Charlie, Todd and Leland get ready for planting season

You can find a lot of comfort in your imagination and creativity. So, take this time to study your home and map out what you want to change about it. Prioritize your list from the easiest to the most involved or short term and long-term goals. The idea is to identify and plan. Now is the best time to start planting those seeds and pray for a bountiful harvest this Fall.

If you would like to share your visions or a photo of what you want your home to be, please do. We would love to hear from you!